Webster defines "certain" as: 1. fixed, settled; 2. particular; 3. dependable, reliable; 4. incapable of failing.
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Our Goal:

To make shopping for Christ-honoring music and drama for the whole family a one-stop shopping event! It's fun and easy at CertainSound.com!

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Glory Song
by Ron and Shelly Hamilton
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Rachael's Recommendations

Joy Overflowing (CD - 2002)
In Awesome Wonder (CD - 1995)
Thanks Be To God (CD - 2001)
Be Thou Exalted (CD - 1996)

Children's Favorites

Sunday School Singalong 2
by Patch the Pirate (CD - 2007)

Sunday School Singalong
by Patch the Pirate (CD - 2001)
45 songs kids love to sing! More...

Order online and have it delivered directly to your door, saving time and gas, for about the same price as buying it from a bookstore. (If you could find one that sold this great stuff!)


Our goal is to provide materials that, at face value, are Christ-honoring and enjoyable. There is no implication of first or second degree personal or ecclesiastical separation standards, nor is there any attempt to research the lives of all the actors and organizations involved in the dramatic presentations to determine whether their lives reflect Christian values. However, taken at face value, we believe that all the materials on this web site will honor the Lord.

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